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The University of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada is located on Treaty 7 territory. This land is the traditional land of the Blackfoot Confederacy (Kainai, Siksika, and Piikani), the Tsuu T'ina, and the Metis peoples of Southern Alberta.

We strive to return this land back to their care.

AUC University

This website was created at the Science Commons of the Univeristy of Lethbridge, in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.

As biochemists and biophysicsts, we need to be able to:

  1. Undersand the underlying chemistry of our subject

  2. Understand the capabilies of our instrumentation

  3. Ask the right questions

  4. Design the right experiments to test our hypotheses

  5. Build the appropriate methods

  6. Collect the appropriate data

  7. Properly analyze that data

  8. Interpret the results

  9. Combine information from multiple methods, if necessary to arrive at an answer

Knowning this, this AUC University site was created so that users can learn about analytical ultracentrifugation and how it can be applied to their field. Here, you will find information on the AUC instrument and its optical systems, how to design experiments, and how to analyse them. The main software that will be discussed will be UltraScan but attempts have been made to include the other softwares such as SedFit and SedAnal.

Site Structure

The structure of this site is as follows:


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  • Appendix:

The AUC Lab

  • Instrumentation:

  • Optical Systems:

  • Rotors:

  • Cells:

  • Instrument Maintinance:

Designing Experiments

  • Suitable Systems:

  • Experimental Techniques:

  • Choosing an Optical System:

  • Rotors, Cells, Centerpieces, Etc.:

  • Speed Selection:

  • Optimal Sample Preperation:

  • Lab Resources: